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Ceramic, Porcelain & Glass Tile In Egg Harbor

Kitchen with granite countertop and custom tile

Ceramic tile is a mixture of clays compressed and cut to various sizes then fired. The tile may or may not have a glaze applied.

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile. It is made of finer grade clays compressed under high pressure to produce a very dense product. Porcelain tiles may be through body or may have a glaze applied. Through body means that tiles are produced using colored raw materials that permeate the entire tile. The density of this tile allows for minimal water absorption and in many cases may be used outdoors in areas subject to freezing. Due to the use of a finer grade clay and higher firing temperature, porcelain tiles are generally more scratch and stain resistant than other tiles. Coast Tile & Marble Supply offers each of these tile products in Egg Harbor Township and the surrounding areas.

Life Cycle Costs:

Given the initial cost, minimal maintenance, and years of service, ceramic tile is one of the most cost effective flooring options on the market today. In addition to lower life cycle cost, ceramic and porcelain tiles offer variety, durability, and style for any application.

For even more information and ideas, please visit Dal Tile's website.

Glass Tile

Coast Tile & Marble Supply also can furnish glass tile, typically used in backsplashes, showers, stair facing, and other small areas. They can be clear or colored and provide a reflective, glossy look that adds elegance for a reasonable cost. Glass tile is typically more fragile during installation, but is especially scratch proof and easy to clean once installed. Glass tile creates a look that draws attention to that area of the room.